Mission naturaliste, Parc National de Taza 2014


In May 2014, PIM and the Conservatoire du littoral, along with the Natural Park of Taza,
organized a meeting on how to improve the management of the insular as well as coastal areas
of the Parc. Alongside naturalistic field-surveys were organized in this area (from Jijel to
Ziama Mansouriah, Eastern Algeria). Herpetological surveys on both peninsular as well as
insular habitats were carried. Three peninsulas (Ziama Mansouriah, Grand Phare and Rocher
Noir) and two islands (Petit Cavallo and Grand Cavallo) were surveyed. The most common
observed species are: Hemidactylus turcicus, Tarentola mauritanica, Podarcis vaucheri and
Psammodromus algirus. On the mainland, in one of the peninsular areas (Rocher Noir), a dead
specimen of Hemorrhois hippocrepis was found. As well known, Reptiles, and in particular
lizards, are important in characterizing island environments. Micro-isular populations are
considered uniqueness because of the charactersitics (e.g., eco-etological, morphological ones)
developed during isolation, a feature that enhances their conservation value. Insular populations
are particularly vulnerable to the introduction of predators and competing species, diseases, loss
of habitat and illegal collection. For all the herpetological species found in the Park (and
especially on islands) we hope the maximum effort in habitat protection through sustainable

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